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What's better between aluminum and vinyl for new gutters?
Can I install it on my own?
I want to replace the tiles on my bathroom wall.
Could I just put new tiles on top of old ones?
How do I clean outside walls of my house?
Also, I want to repaint the walls.
How much is it to put up shutter doors?
How much is it to put up shutter doors?
Do I need to apply Primer before I paint?
I want to paint over the white walls in my house.
How do I take tiles out?
I want to install hardwood on all my floors.
The problem is some sections have tiles.
How do I clean a granite countertop?
How do I clean a granite countertop?
My home is cold in winter and hot in summer.
Someone recommended insulation but I don't know where to start.
My hardwood floor is rotting.
Can sanding and waxing fix the problem?
There are leaks on my roof.
I was told that my roof needs repair. There are leaks.
Should I call for repair when it rains again so they can find where the leaks are?
I have a few questions on remodelings
Questions on building a new deck.
I would like to know advantages and disadvantages on installing with trex.
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